HCG Diet Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Paul Schatz Before and After

April 4, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:
At the age of 64, I was told by my medical doctor that I needed to lose around 120 lbs due to a change in the results of my blood work.  My cholesterol, glucose and other signs of deterioration of one’s body showed that I was about to be in trouble and a candidate for a large set back.  I was stymied as to how to make this life change in order to live a long and health life.  And I knew I had to do something for a long time as I had lost a great deal of self esteem.  Being visible in a professional world, I started to realize I was truly the obese one in meetings and at social functions. The news of needing to lose weight was not a surprise; but how to do it seemed to be the issue.

Dr. Melinda Silva was recommended to me by my family physician.  The first consultation was amazing as I left that meeting feeling that I was on the right path.  Her positive attitude and enthusiasm was contagious.  And now 15 months later I am still a believer!  At the first consultation Dr. Silva asked me if I trusted her.  I agreed that I did as I felt comfortable with her approach and enthusiasm.   She said “I am going to transform you if you will just follow my instructions.”  And truly a major transformation has occurred over this time period.

I have presently lost 102 lbs.  During the last 15 months I did 3 sessions of HCG injections for 40 days each. I have maintained my exercise and diet program since then with periodic visits to Dr. Silva for my MyoPro  Dietary supplement (medical grade), Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D supplements.  Beth, her office administrator greets me with such a personal attitude and I feel so at home each visit.  The support of the clinic has empowered me to research and also assist my family and friends to achieve some of their own health goals.  My success has gained attention from my peers and I am often approached by well wishers and yet inquisitive comments as to how did I do it. .  And the best part is when my friends and family who haven’t seen me for a while comment on how ‘fabulous’ I look! They even tell me that I have lost enough weight and just maintain it!

As a result of my losing this amount of weight, I found that the other options available at the clinic such as Botox and Exilis treatments which have assisted in correcting physical features in very positive ways.  Recently I had to take an identification photo which is renewed annually.  The difference in 12 months is amazing as I truly feel that I have adjusted my visible age back 15 years. Without hesitation and with great pride, I recommend Dr. Silva’s anti-aging clinic.  My life has changed and now my way of life has also changed to the positive because of Dr. Silva.


Paul Schatz

I was diagnosed in 2004 with chronic lower back pain by Navy doctors. Since then, I have struggled with weight loss and keeping it off. I first heard of Dr. Melinda Silva through Groupon where I purchased a package for Exilis. The day of my first treatment, I heard of the HcG diet. I was skeptical at first just because of my past experiences. After I learned about what it could do for me, I decided to go ahead and try it. When I first met Dr. Silva, I was just absolutely amazed. She is caring and concerned for my health and wants nothing but the satisfaction of knowing that she improved my quality of life. She did a 180 with my quality of life. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years. Recently, I began having TMJ pain in my jaw because I grind my teeth at night (a symptom of stress and anxiety). After 5 days of being on the diet, my jaw pain had decreased immensely. After about 10 days, it was gone. It still hurts every now and then but it is to where it is manageable and not very noticeable. I also noticed a major improvement in my mood and energy levels and I feel fantastic! I haven’t felt this great in such a long time. I am currently on week 4 of the HcG diet and I have lost a total of 15 pounds! Along with the HcG diet, I am having Exilis treatments at Dr. Silva’s office. Overall, to this date, I have lost ½” off my neck, 2 ½” off my waist, and 2” off my hips. Dr. Silva and her office have been nothing but blessings to me and I am grateful to have such caring, considerate, helpful, motivating, amazing people in my life. I would recommend ANYONE to Dr. Silva’s office! She will change your life in a positive way!

Thank you for everything!

Janelle Fifer

Before measurements: 257.6 pounds 44.75 inches

After measurements: 213.6 pounds 40.75 inches

The hCg Diet, when administrated by a licensed doctor, really works and the results are amazing!

I have been concerned with my weight for about 10 years, but never really had the time or willpower to do something about it. Recently, I realized I was having a hard time keeping up with my kids, experienced difficulty in sleeping and just felt like I was out of energy. More than any of that, though, was the shock I received when I took my most recent family picture — I was huge!

The weight didn’t come on all at once. Over the last decade, I have probably steadily put on about 5 pounds per year. While one year I took some initiative and lost about 25 pounds through vigorous workouts, it was a lifestyle that I couldn’t sustain — hey, I was a college student that was working more than one job and once I found a new girlfriend (now my wife), I unfortunately chose to sacrifice my gym time to get everything else done. The weight came back and continued to climb. My BMI reached 34, and I knew that over 30 was considered obese — even one of my doctors told me that it was time to start paying attention to my body’s needs.

While I have been steady at around 250-255 lbs for the past year or so and knew that I was overweight, I just couldn’t seem to lose any weight by doing what I thought would really help — cutting and counting calories. My primary care physician told me to cut things like bread and focus more on vegetables — I ate a lot of veggies as instructed, but it only took about 4 lbs over the course of about 8 months. This was too slow. I wanted to exercise, but my body would hurt after exercise so much, and I kept getting sick. I needed something that would kick-start my weight loss and help me “reset” my body. Then my wife learned about hCg and introduced e to it.

As it was explained to me, you take hCg, cut your calories, and don’t exercise. By doing this, the claim was that I could lose 30-40 lbs. What?!? This intrigued me, so I started to learn more about it. I found out that there are many strains of hCg out there, but only a couple that are the legitimate product, and to be safe, I wanted to have a doctor help me. I tried walking into a clinic that was offering the product at a reduced rate, but found it to be too far away and I wasn’t sure if it was the real hCg or not. That’s when I came across Dr. Melinda Silva. Her office was very helpful and walked me through the process before I even set foot in the office. I knew what to expect every step of the way, which made the journey a lot smoother for me.

I started the hCg diet with a weight of 257.6 lbs. Then, 40 days later, I stood on the scale and weighed 213.6 lbs — 44 lbs lighter! I haven’t been this thin since I was married. How do I know? The pants I bought around that time and quickly outgrew were the only pants that would fit me – all my other clothes were just too big! I had kept them in the closet as a “target” for some future date, and now I have arrived at that future. While I still have a few pounds to lose (my target is 170), I am well on my way!

The most amazing thing to me about the diet is that even though I felt hungry, I was not overwhelmingly hungry. I was able to follow the instructions to the letter and the weight just peeled off. I realized through the program that I needed to make a lifestyle change, and not just take off the weight temporarily. I invested in the program with money, time and effort. I aim now to maintain and even continue to lose from that point, weighing in at 205.6 lbs as i write this – an additional 8 lbs since I have been off hCg! I really believe that the program has allowed me to reset my hypothalamus and the smarter choices I make now when I eat are paying off. Also, now that I am lighter, I have less back pain, less indigestion, more energy, less strain on my knees, and more confidence. I have another problem now — I have to buy a new wardrobe!

I really want to thank Dr. Silva and her staff for their incredible support over my transformation and express my heartfelt gratitude for their guidance over the past few months. I am taking this opportunity to really change and make this stick.